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Mir Detstva – 2019
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MIG-31B Foxhound / Petlyakov PE-2 / Emergency rescue service UAZ "3909" / Russian fifth-generation fighter SU-57
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Zvezda LLC is a worldwide leading manufacturer of plastic kits in scale and board games, established in 1990 in Russia.

Our intention is to attract interest in modeling and board gaming, which are family hobbies and help to strengthen trust and understanding between children and their parents. Year after year we present high quality new models and interesting new boardgames at reasonable prices, so modelers and gamers of all ages around the world can have fun.

The company was founded by a group of model enthusiasts in 1990, led by Konstantin Krivenko, who had the idea to turn his modeling hobby into a profession and put a product on the market which they lacked. In 1993, Zvezda won an investment tender and obtained a new production and office facility at the previous Lobnya plastic toy factory in the Moscow Region. Since then this factory serves as headquarter and was extended with additional buildings and equipped with modern tooling and production machines.

The goal of Zvezda — means Star in Russian — is to improve constantly quality and product range.

since 1990
making model kits
600+ items
model kits and board games
finished products per day
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