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World War II Blitzkrieg 1940
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In 1940, the German Wehrmacht shocked the world with their masterful execution of a revolutionary style of warfare, dubbed "Blitzkrieg". The United Kingdom hastily deployed her forces in a desperate attempt to halt the German advance. Now you can re-create the intense battles between the British and German forces in the opening days of World War II!

World War II: Blitzkrieg 1940 adds British ground units and aircraft to the Art of Tactic system and is fully compatible with all World War II Art of Tactic games and models, in addition to being a standalone game in its own right. World War II: Blitzkrieg 1940 includes modular game boards and terrain tiles to create countless battlefields as well as highly detailed and historically accurate plastic models.
Article 6192
Manufacturer Zvezda
Party time 120
The number of players 2