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Soviet self-propelled gun SU-76M
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The SU-76M is the most mass-produced self-propelled gun of the WWII period. It was manufactured from 1943 till 1945, totally 13.684 vehicles were produced. It was designed with the extensive use of proven components of the T-70 tank. The SU-76M with was intended for destroying enemy´s manpower, field fortifications, and also for battles against enemy tanks. On the offensive, the SU-76M were used as the direct support of infantry and cavalry as well as for maneuvering artillery reserves. In defense, self-propelled guns were used as ordinary field artillery as well as mobile anti-tank guns. The 76,2 mm gun of the SU-76M allowed to fight effectively most German tanks (Pz III and Pz IV) and self-propelled guns until the end of war. Operating from ambushes at close distances – the SU-76 was even successful against tanks like “Panther” and “Tiger”.
Article 3662
Manufacturer Zvezda