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Russian truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher GRAD BM-21
Vendor code: 3655
х 429
Size, cm
"Grad" is a 122-mm multiple launch rocket system made in the USSR. It´s  purpose is the attack of unsheltered and sheltered manpower, unarmored equipment and armored personnel vehicles in a staging area, artillery and light batteries, command posts and other targets.
It entered into operational service in 1963. Our model shows a modernized version of BM-21 "Grad"  made on the basis of Ural-4320 all-terrain truck vehicle. It has an automatic pointing and fire control system based using satellite navigation.  “Grad" MLRS is manufactured in China, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Romania and South Africa and in operational service in over 30 countries across the world.
Article 3655
Manufacturer Zvezda