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German MG-34 machine-gun with crew 1941-1945(winter)
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German general-purpose machinegun MG-34 was designed by Rheinmetall AG company and was accepted for army service in 1934. It was the first general-purpose machinegun: it could be mounted on a bipod and be operated by a mobile soldier, or mounted either on tripod to fire at both ground and air units, or on tanks and other vehicles. This versatility combined with high battle characteristics led to its longevity - it was produced up to 1945 and became the basic machinegun type of Wehrmacht. The machinegun could either be belt-fed or magazine-fed, it could fire up to 1700 shots in a minute. The problem with overheating of a barrel was solved by making the barrel removable: while the basic barrel was cooling down, an extra barrel was mounted on the machinegun instead. The crew of a tripod-mounted version was composed of three men. Contents: 3 unpainted figures 1 machine-gun 1 brick wall - 1 unit base with flag - 1 unit card

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Article 6210
Manufacturer Zvezda