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German 81-mm mortar with crew 1941-1945 (winter)
Vendor code: 6209
х 25
Size, cm
German 81-mm mortar G.W.34 was created in 1932 by Rheinmetall AG and accepted for army service in 1934. Production of these mortars continued up until the end of war. In German classification it was a medium mortar. Each Wehrmacht infantry battalion was to be equipped with six such mortars. The mortar could be disassembled and carried by crew ' it didn't have a wheel carriage. The mortar could make up to 25 shots in a minute, its maximum range was 2400 m. The exploders of the mines were highly sensitive and could detonate mines on colliding with tree branches, camouflage nets and other similar objects, so crews had to be careful when shooting. Contents: 4 unpainted soldiers 1 mortar - 1 unit base with flag - 1 unit card

No glue required
Article 6209
Manufacturer Zvezda