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Prussian Grenadiers (Frederick the Great)
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During the Great Northern War Prussia become a cockpit for Russia and Sweden. Interests of Prussia, its territory were like a small change only in confrontation of powerful neighbors. As a result Soldier-King Frederick William I (father of future Frederick II the Great) come to conclusion that monarch as far respected by his neighbors as far his regiments are redoubtable.
That is why time of government of father of Frederick the Great was the time of steady strengthening and perfection of the Prussian army. Needs of army become main needs of the state to the prejudice of art, science and, of course, any luxury. 6 million thalers of little more than 7 million thalers of annual revenue had been spent for defense. Even his own funeral Frederick William I ordered to carry out as modest as possible.
Having inherited an excellent army Frederick the Great used the same maximally successful. In the course of continuous wars with neighbors Prussia extended its territory as well as strengthened firmly between European states as equal one.
Grenadiers were elite in European armies. During combat they had been used hand grenades which were carried along with themselves in special bag several in numbers. During those times grenades were a hollow iron balls with diameter 7 to 15 cm and were rather heavy. Quite often one had to use it under continuous firing from enemy, further, it was necessary to wait certain interval before throwing in order to make impossible to throw grenade back.
Such tasks had been required from grenadiers to be physically very strong, have high stamina and colossal presence of mind, so, during hand-to-hand fight they were shattering and menacing force.
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