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Name "cataphracts" had be used for heavy armored cavalry where armour was used for protection both horseman and his horse. Long lance was the main weapon, however swords and, rather frequently, bows also had bееn used. Cavalry of such type arose in steppes о! the Sarmatia. While having best over the world horses and living in steppes the lndo-Aryan and Sarmatian peoples made horseman the cardinal attacking force at battlefield. Exactly the Median and Scythian cataphracts о! army о! Mithridates VI о! Pontus managed to throw back cohorts о! the Roman legionaries during battle of Chaeronea thus got invincible Lucius Cornelius Sulla into difficulties. Exactly the Parthian cataphracts during the battle of Carrhae routed the Roman legions outnumbering in many times.
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