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Austrian Musketeers 16-17th Century
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Since the middle of the XV century the Austrian family of Habsburgs had been chosen invariably for the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. In connection with the Turkish invasion of the Central Europe importance of the House greatly increased. Since the XVI till XVIII century in opinion of contemporaries they were like a shield protected the Western Europe from incursion of Moslems. In the first half of the XVII century the Austrian infantry had been organized in accordance with directions given by Morris von Nassau, who was founder of the Netherlands army which was the most progressive during that time. Infantry battalion had been included 550 persons. 250 pike- men were in the center of formation, 240 musketry were in positions at flanks and 60 were in the line of skirmishers. Skirmishers were to fire during countermarch, and that required a highest skill and coherence of actions of soldiery, but at the same time it was a way to keep the strength of continuous fire. In case of threat from cavalry musketry were to shelter behind ranks of pikemen without breaking of formation. On a battlefield battalions had been arranged in three echelons similar to battle formation of the Roman legions. Such arrangement had been given no obstructions during maneuvering of separate detachments and had been allowed to give a support to each other in necessity.
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