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Russian destroyer "Sovremenny"
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The lead ship of the Project 956 destroyer Sovremenny was launched on November 18, 1978. Two steam turbine engines GTZA-674 producing 100,000 hp in total allow the 156- meters destroyer with full-load displacement of 7904 tons to have speed up to 33 knots. Sovremenny is armed with Moskit anti-ship missiles and Uragan surface-to-air missile systems. The destroyer has two double 533 mm torpedo tubes with four SET-65 torpedoes two AK-130/54 twin 130 mm mounts, four six-barrel 30 mm AK-630 artillery systems. The ship accommodates one Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter. Sovremenny was in service from 1985 in the Mediterranean, later in Severomorsk, but was decommissioned in 1998 due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and insufficient funds.
Article 9054
Manufacturer Zvezda