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Russian imperial battleship "Sevastopol"
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Sevastopol was the first Dreadnought type of the Russian Navy laid down in June 1909 at Baltic shipyard, St. Petersburg. The ship was put into operation on November 17, 1914, and in 1915 it joint the 1st Brigade of the Baltic Fleet battleships which ensured superiority of the Russian Navy over the German Fleet in the Baltic Sea during the First World War. The Sevastopol's primary armament included twelve 305mm guns located in four three-gun turret mounts. All together they could deliver fire against targets from any side of the ship. The skilled gun crew handled a firing rate of 1.5-2 rounds per minute, and the projectiles almost half ton in weight had a range of 20 km. Sixteen 120-mm guns served for defense against enemy torpedo boats and submarines, and four stationary underwater torpedo tubes were designed for emergency fights.
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