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HMS Dreadnought
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HMS Dreadnought was a British battleship with a new , revolutionary design, entering service in 1906. It was the origin of a new class of battleships "The Dreadnoughts, named in his honor. It was the sixth ship in the Royal Navy, which bore that name. HMS Dreadnought became the world's first ship, in whose construction the so-called principle of "all-big-gun" was implemented. As a part of its armament, it had ten 305 mm guns and there were no medium-caliber guns. HMS Dreadnought also became the first battleship in the world with a steam turbine, allowing a very high speed for those days ' 21 knots. Due to that speed advantage, the new battleship could choose the best distance for battle, and due to the greater number of 305 mm guns, it had an undefeatable tactical advantage over other battleships of the time. Ironically it was never involved in important battles of WWI.
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