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WWII german destroyer Z-17 "Diether Von Roeder"
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Z 17 Diether von Roeder is the lead ship of German Type 1936 class destroyers. With 3,415 tons at full load displacement, such destroyer could have a speed up to 38 knots and carried a powerful armament: five 127 mm guns, two twin 37 mm anti-aircraft guns and four 20 mm guns. The ship also had two 533 mm torpedo tubes, depth bombs and mines. Diether von Roeder as the other ships of the class was named after the German naval hero of the World War I. Captain-lieutenant Diether von Roeder was a commander of the 13th Torpedo Boat Flotilla and died in July, 1918, trying to rescue a crew of the sinking Torpedo Boat. Destroyer Z 17 Diether von Roeder was sunk during the battle with British destroyers and battleship Warspite (second battle of Narvik) on April 13, 1940.
Article 9043
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