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Russian assault helicopter MI-8MT HIP-H
Vendor code: 7253
х 178
Size, cm
The helicopter Mi-8T was modernized in 70-th years. The helicopter was equipped with the new engines with a take-off power 1900 HP and many elements of the construction were also improved. The flight speed of Mi-8MT, this name was given to the new machine, was increased up to 250 km/h, ceiling - up to 5000 m, range - up to 500 km. The increased power capacity enabled to increase significantly the firepower due to the increase of onboard mounted armament, as well as the increase of the maneuverability of the machine. The kind of combat in Afghanistan has highlighted the acute dependence of the troops from helicopters. As the result Mi-8MT was issued a large series in the middle of 80-ies.
Article 7253
Manufacturer Zvezda