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AH-64 Apache U.S. Attack Helicopter
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The AH-64 Apache is the primary attack helicopter of the United States and a number of its allies. Over 1000 of this nimble vehicle have been produced since it first entered service in 1986. This helicopter uses a twin-engine design to power a four-blade rotor, giving the aircraft a cruising speed of 284 kph. The two-man crew sits in tandem, with the pilot above and behind the copilot/gunner. The Apache was designed to serve as an anti-tank and close combat attack aircraft. It is equipped with a 30mm chain gun and can mount four additional weapon systems on its stub wings typically Hellfire missiles and Hydra rocket pods. A nose-mounted sensor suite provides targeting and night fighting capability. Contents: 1 helicopter 1 plane stand - 1 unit card 1 decal

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Article 7408
Manufacturer Zvezda