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Soviet attack aircraft SU-25 «Frogfoot»
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The Su-25 (NATO code “Frogfoot”) is a single-seat subsonic heavy-armoured and incredibly survivable Soviet ground attack aircraft. It is designed to support ground troops on the battlefield by day and night in all meteorological conditions with visual target visibility. It has been in service since 1981 and still remains the mainstay of the Ground Attack Aviation of the Russian Air Force.  It has acted in many hot spots around the world and everywhere it has proven to be a reliable and safe aircraft. The Su-25’s main advantage is its protection. The cockpit is protected by aircraft-grade titanium with armour plates ranging from 10 to 24 mm. Pilots call the plane “unkillable” and “immortal”. The “Grach” – its Russian name – is capable of combined strikes by both unguided and guided missiles and has a powerful cannon armament. A total of 32 different weapons can be installed on the SU-25. The famous “Grach” is in service in more than 20 countries.
Article 4807
Manufacturer Zvezda