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Soviet medium tank mod. 1943 URALMASH T-34/76
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Our model is the original T-34 tank featured with a stamped turret, manufactured at UZTM in early 1943. UZTM started manufacturing T-34s in September 1942 and continued the series production until August 1943. During this time, the total output of the Sverdlovsk tank factory was 731 T-34s for the Red Army. An interesting fact: when the casting shops at UZTM could no longer keep up with the constantly increasing production targets for T-34 turrets,  a new stamped turret was designed, which could be manufactured using the available capacity of a 10,000-tonne press. From October 1942 through March 1943 UZTM manufactured 2050 stamped turrets, some of which were installed on factory own T-34´s , while others were shipped to the Kirov plant in Chelyabinsk.  
Article 3689
Manufacturer Zvezda